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5S Implementation Consulting Services, 5S Training

5S is a systematic approach to workplace organization. Industrial Management Services (IMS) is a leading provider of 5S implementation consulting and 5S training programs for manufacturing operations and for the office. (Note: 5S is sometimes written as Five S.)

The 5S Program
5s-visuals-boardIMS' 5S program begins with 5S Training that introduces the workforce to the concepts of SORT, SET-IN-ORDER, SHINE, STANDARDIZE, and SUSTAIN. Using a technique developed and perfected by the most efficient Japanese companies, the 5S systems revolutionizes the way an organization views itself and will enable people at all levels to make the connection between quality, efficiency and being organized.

5S Benefits

  • Less Search time
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Quality
  • Increased Safety
  • Employee Morale
How 5S Works
5S places an emphasis on using visual techniques to make it obvious when tools, materials, equipment, and supplies are in the right place - every time. The focus is to have all necessary items located at the fingertips of the users to increase time spent adding value and to minimize losses associated with searching and interpreting. Toyota, the founder of Lean, uses the term Clearing the Clouds as it relates to 5S because the process enables knowledge sharing in an open environment. A review of each step is listed below: 5S-visual-tool-board
  • Sort - Remove all unnecessary items from the area
  • Set-in-order - Label, outline and color-code to identify and make obvious
  • Shine - Clean and Inspect
  • Standardize - Agree on the rules and procedures that will help with adherence
  • Sustain - Make the 5S system a management tool. Engage employees to continue and enhance the program.
5S is a foundational lean technique that works in practically any environment - production (including assembly, machining, and job shops), offices, labs, classrooms, hospitals and home. Anywhere work is performed is a great place to implement 5S. If an organization is interested in building enthusiasm to launch an improvement program, 5S is a great place to begin as it draws out the creative abilities of workers in a rewarding and engaging way.

The IMS Advantage for 5S
IMS offers personalized, customized service for 5S programs. With many years of experience delivering 5S consulting services and over 30 5S implementations, IMS can deliver on the promise of improvements from 5S. Whether the goal is productivity improvements, conformance to customer standards or enhancement of workforce skills, IMS is your expert provider of 5S training and 5S implementation services. IMS uses a blend of 5S Kaizen activity to rapidly produce results for your organization.

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