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Lean Office - Training and Consulting Services

lean-officeLean manufacturing principles are now being applied to the workflow in offices. The lean office offers great opportunities for streamlined processes, service time improvements and many areas of cost savings. Industrial Management Services (IMS) is a leading provider of lean office training, consulting and value stream management (VSM) for the lean office.

Lean for the Office
Many companies can benefit from more efficient office processes for ordering, invoicing, communications, etc. IMS works with customers in traditional office environments and specializes in customized and differentiated service industries. IMS' process is:

   1. Selecting a Service family or Process Flow
   2. VSM for the lean office
   3. Implement via Continuous Improvement Teams
   4. Measure Results

Use of value stream mapping for the lean office is a critical part of every engagement, identifying the areas of inefficiency and providing the roadmap for improvements.

Benefits of Lean Office
Typical results reported by IMS customers from implementing the streamlined lean office processes include:

  • Faster invoicing, resulting in better cash flow
  • Procurement savings in both cost of goods and time spent on purchasing
  • Improved customer service that lead to higher customer retention, more revenue from up-selling and cross-selling, and less time spent performing non-value-added steps
The IMS Advantage for Lean Office
With personalized, customized service and many years of experience delivering lean consulting services, IMS can deliver on the promise of improvements from the lean office. IMS provides a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to your Lean Office initiative. IMS' lead practitioner has successfully facilitated dozens of Lean Office related improvement activities and personally supported a progressive service business in their quest to win the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.

How to Work with IMS for Lean Office
Following our initial meeting, IMS will do a lean office assessment, providing some possible areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement. Based on that assessment, IMS will provide a customized proposal describing the work to be performed by IMS along with the required company participation. A typical engagement is 2-3 days per month for up to 6 months depending upon the size and scale of the project. .


Q: Does IMS have references?
A: Yes, with a proven track record, IMS can provide phone references as needed.

Q. What are some of the best results IMS has produced?
A. For one medical services company, IMS helped them reduce invoicing by 3 days per invoice, resulting in an annual cash flow improvement of $250,000.

Q: Where does IMS work?
A: IMS is located in southern New Jersey in the Philadelphia metro area. IMS provides lean office consulting services anywhere in the USA and Canada.

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