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Value Stream Mapping Consulting Services, VSM Training

value-stream-mapping-diagramValue Stream Mapping is a technique used to document the flow of information and materials within a business. Industrial Management Services (IMS) is a leading provider of value stream mapping consulting services and value stream mapping training. (Note: Value Stream Mapping is sometimes abbreviated as VSM.)

Value Stream Mapping Benefits

  • Enables workers to see the flow on the value stream map
  • Promotes systems thinking as workers see the entire business process - not just their individual department
  • Evaluates the Process Time vs. Lead Time ratio
  • Fosters team suggestions that lower costs and reduce lead time
Value Stream Mapping Example
By walking the flow from the inbound materials receiving dock to the outbound finished goods shipping dock in a manufacturing facility, cross-functional teams will learn what the product experiences as it travels through the order-to-cash cycle. Each step in the process is reviewed and documented visually to create a value stream map of how the process works now. The use of value stream mapping tools enhances understanding of flow, speed, quality and information in the processes. This value stream map and the analysis of the existing situation are known as the Current State.

Then a Future State is created that streamlines the flow of goods, along with the associated information. The Future State value stream map is the roadmap to VSM-driven improvements.

Value Stream Mapping Training
IMS Value Stream Mapping training begins with expert instruction using a case study example. Employees will learn how to document the information and material flow in the business. They will learn which questions to ask and which steps are critical to the documentation process. By actually drawing maps based on the sample set of data, users will learn how to format the value stream map to promote understanding and sharing of knowledge within the organization. Key parameters are discussed to further improvement skills and problem-solving capabilities:

  • Cycle Time
  • Lead time
  • Value Added/Non-value Added
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Inventory
  • Changeover
IMS VSM Training then moves from the classroom style case study to the evaluation of a product family within the business. The team will spend two to three days (depending on the size and scale of the operation) to create a Current and Future State value stream map. Once the Current State is documented, Lean techniques such as Continuous Flow, Pull Systems, Cellular Manufacturing and 5S will be employed to create a Future State vision. The Future State Map is similar to a blueprint that is used to chart the course for future improvement activities. By educating and involving the employees, they have an understanding of how the value stream mapping technique works. By empowering them to design a Future State and recommending necessary changes, their buy-in is cemented. The Future State plan is prioritized and improvement events are defined and planned to ensure the Future state vision is achieved.

IMS Experience with Value Stream Mapping Industries and Applications
IMS instructors have implemented dozens of successful value stream mapping events that include both training and implementation. IMS' experience with diverse, non-traditional business environments puts IMS in a unique position to offer the professional guidance necessary to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. IMS has done traditional manufacturing value stream mapping and enterprise value stream mapping, and has also provided administrative/office value stream mapping and value stream mapping for healthcare.

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